5 Obscure Rooster Teeth Videos

We’ve all watched the clip of Burnie faceplanting which thankfully hasn’t been recreated (yet) while he’s on The Amazing Race, and we’ve all heard about The Strangerhood which could be considered an obscure series outside of Ray talking about it so much that they made a 2nd season of it. But there are still a few more videos that not many people have watched, but are nonetheless interesting. For this list we’re limiting it to YouTube for now, and it has to be made directly from a Rooster Teeth Production.

5. Forced Enjoyment

Before Rage Quit, there was Forced Enjoyment, which sounds illegal, but when it comes to RoosterTeeth, what isn’t? This was the series Starring a young(ish) Jack Pattillo where he was made to play games he didn’t want to. This series ended with the conclusion of the 4th episode in spectacular fashion where Jack didn’t feel like taking the Bruce route of breaking the disk, Instead he did this. It’s interesting that the person who was the main star of this series ended up housing the guy who made Rage Quit. You could say it was a passing of the torch, or better yet, gluing the torch to someone else and saying “You do it”.

4. Pajamachievements

Pajamachievements or as Gus calls it “My dream from 16 years ago” is the series where Geoff and Griffon had their female friends(which included Gavin) get drunk and play video games. Even though they had a video that had over 450k views on youtube, the rest of the series has very low view counts and they definitely deserve more. I mean it’s girls + booze + games + team Happy Hour, what else do you need?

3. Joel Heyman Plays a video game (Lost Drunk Tank Let’s Play)


When the RT podcast was called the Drunk Tank, and when they were first trying out video versions of the podcast, they decided to do Let’s Plays. The most famous one is the Left 4 Dead “Survival Strategy”, but there was one that was never released in full, which was the Drunk Tank cast playing Flock. This video is simply a short clip from the full video where the guys all said that it was basically a podcast length fail compilation of them trying to play Flock. It was never uploaded by RT on youtube, but thankfully a fan put it up for us to see. Michael ended up revisiting the game for Rage Quit, while Burnie & Ashley ended up beating the multiplayer part of it for Game Time.

2. Watchmen: The end is nigh – Untouchable guide


The Let’s play family has now grown to include so many members, namely Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, Screw Attack, Kinda Funny, The Creatures, and Cow Chop. I’m sure Geoff and Gavin didn’t think that playing (or in this case failing) to play video games while talking at the same time could become so popular. Even though they didn’t call it a Let’s Play, this achievement guide by the dynamic duo was exactly that, instead of doing voice over on a pre-recorded video, they decided to do it live. From a 5 minute Achievement Guide to now a having an event like Let’s Play Live, it’s awesome to see how far Let’s Plays have grown

1.  Gϋs (Animated RT comics test piece)

Back in my day, we waited for single pages of RT comics to come out, and we liked it! Now you kids get an RTAA every week. Just kidding, the RT comics used to be something which was mainly made by Griffon and Luke McKay that was a funny series depicting stories of the RT employees and other random funny ideas that they came up with. This video was a test piece made by Luke McKay that he ended up uploading on youtube because he said that “It never went anywhere”. The production quality looked really good, but now we have RTAAs as the spiritual successor to the series that never started. Maybe with the success of the MCU we might start to get movies made by RoosterTeeth…

Those are 5 Obscure videos that we felt people would be interested to know about. Did we miss anything? Or are there videos you think should’ve made it in the list? Leave a comment and you could be included because we might revisit this topic on a future edition.

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