Achievement Hunters?

Achievement Hunter is well known throughout the YouTube community as a main place to get achievements and Easter egg walkthroughs. But with their combined 1 million+ Gamerscore how do these Hunters stack up against each other?

I researched into the Achievement Hunters and their Gamerscore and compiled these facts and figures presented for your viewing pleasure. (Note: Ryan was not included because, where the majority of these stats came from, did not show any for his BM Vagabond account.)

Total Gamerscore

The main thing to compare is obviously total gamerscore. Since Ray left, the #1 spot has been up for grabs with both Michael and Geoff competing for the title.

With all the Let’s Plays and other shows going on, the Hunters play a lot of games, both for videos and in their spare time. Geoff leads the way with an impressive 462 games played on his account. Michael is close behind, but he would be miles ahead if his Rage Quit collection counted, and Kdin is also close due to his previous career as a YouTuber.

Number of Games Played

Trevor 90 Games Played
Kdin 393 Games Played
Caleb 209 Games Played
Matt 293 Games Played
Jeremy 175 Games Played
Jack 267 Games Played
Lindsay 42 Games Played
Michael 411 Games Played
Gavin 182 Games Played
Geoff 432 Games Played

Some other facts:

  • Jeremy has the largest number of shooting game achievements, with 1827.
  • Geoff is very close behind with 1814.
  • Gavin’s oldest achievement is in GRAW.
  • Lindsay has the poorest completion rate, with only 26% of her achievements unlocked. Kdin is second with 29%.
  • Trevor’s oldest achievement is in Halo 3, and his newest is in Halo 2 (Master Chief Collection).
  • Jack’s largest achievement is 300G from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Y’know, the easy gamerscore game…
  • Geoff has 891 sports achievements.

Words and research by TropicalRemixed from the Rooster Teeth Community

All Facts and Stats (as of July 2015) from: and


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