BIGBITE Interviews: Stainless Games @ RTX 2016

Stainless Games

Transcribed by Aya and edited by Natasha Hayes

Matt: Good morning from RTX Day 2! With me is Tina from Stainless Games. We’re here to talk about Carmageddon Max Damage. So is Max Damage the sequel, an expansion?

Tina: It’s a remake of the original.  Back in 1998 we did Carmageddon and it got banned worldwide, because of content and everything else. Then we did Carmageddon 2 as well and then another developer took over and did the 3rd one. So yeah, this is the 4th one, I think? But it’s basically been reinvented and we’ve basically started again.


M: Is there new content that’s added to it over the first one?

T: Yes, so you’ve got a whole bunch of new game modes, even more than before. You have Checkpoint Stampede, Pet Chase and Death Race. Half the cars are remakes from the original and half are brand new. We’ve got online multiplayer with 6 people and there’s far better action than in 1998. Bits coming off your car, you can t-bone a car and bend it in half. Twist and spin, all sorts.


M: Excellent, I’m really looking forward to it. So you’ve got the game set up here, do you have a lot of people coming by and giving it a shot?

T: Yeah, it’s been really busy. All day yesterday it was really busy. Lots of people playing the game. Lots of giggling as well!


M: Giggling is the best way to go about it.  Can you tell me a little about the Carmageddon car we have right here?

T: Right, this is a Chevrolet 1966 C10 that we’ve modded out to look Carmageddon-esque. It looks badass. it’s so loud as well. We haven’t got it running here. It is road-legal as well, it can be driven on the road, which is terrifying.  


Carmageddon car

M: Well, that just seems like it would be too scary for everyone! Good, is there anything else you want to say about the game?

T: It’s so much fun, it’s a massive sandbox of destruction. You can tow caravans, you’ve got power-ups out the wazoo, wave through ambles of people, you can impale heads, you can make them dance. It’s just so much fun. You can be giggling for hours.


M: Awesome, I look forward to it. Thank you so much!

T: Great, thank you very much!


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