BIGBITE Interviews: Super Duper @ RTX 2016

Super Duper

Transcribed by Matthew “Retrograder” VanDeZande and edited by Kelly Escalante

Matt: Alright, we’re here again at Day 3 of RTX and we’re with Super Duper Garrett Cooper to talk about his game, Black Ice. Tell me a little bit about the game just to start off and then we’ll get into some more details.

Garrett: Black Ice is a cyberpunk hack-and-shoot, so it’s a first-person-shooter with role-playing-game elements. The idea is you jack into cyberspace and you hack large corporations, level up, get loot, and blow stuff up!

M: Sounds awesome! I had a chance to play it just now and one of the things that I enjoyed the most was the jetpack. So tell me a little bit about some of the mechanics that you’ve put in and why.

G: Okay! For the jetpack, for instance — it’s a 3-D game and originally the levels were all flat and then we put in all these buildings and I thought, “Well, why can’t you go up on top of all those buildings?” So when I added the jetpack, I had to add the enemies’ abilities to crawl up the buildings after you. And then I realized that people would just fly around with the jetpack forever, because they would never run out of RAM — RAM is like your energy in the game — so I had to add a fuel mechanic to the jetpack to offset the RAM so that people can’t fly forever. You can fly for a while, just not forever.

M: And I was able to play around with some of the other skills in the game, and one in particular that caught my attention was the disco ball. Are there any other skills that are wacky like that or just really overpowered once you get going?

G: The disco ball is one of the many different kinds of “uniques” in the game. There’s a gun that you can shoot — it’s like a shotgun that shoots little rainbow things and they’ll change the colors of enemies and make them fight against each other. You can get bouncy balls that will pierce through enemies and then bounce off buildings to come back and hit them again, and the unique version of that is bouncy balls that will also set enemies on fire.

Black Ice Gameplay

M: Now this is kind of a “get’cha” question, but were their any corporations you had in mind that were “evil” as you were making the game?

G: Every telecom ever. Actually, I had trouble because all of the corporation names are randomly generated so what would come up would be “Micro” and then “Soft,” and we want to be on consoles eventually so I had to make sure that that never shows up and is not a viable combination anymore.

M: So, obviously, we’re here at RTX — is this your first RTX or have you been here before?

G: We were actually here last year, as well. And we’ve had some people come by and say, “Hey, we saw you last year, we just thought we’d stop by and say hi!” And they’ve been very nice.

M: So you’re on Steam Early Access right now, do you have an expected release date?

G: Probably next year sometime, it’s kind of hard to estimate exactly when. But it already has the multiplayer, and you can complete the game, and then you can turn the difficulty up and play it again! So it’s a complete game as-is, I just keep adding on and making it better.

M: Before I go, what would you say is your favorite thing about RTX and the Rooster Teeth community?

G: Oh gosh. Everybody’s really nice here, and there’s been a lot of really good RWBY cosplay.

M: Thank you for your time! I look forward to playing the game again.

G: Thank you very much!

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