BIGBITE Interviews: Wobbl3 @RTX 2016

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Transcribed by Matthew “Retrograder” VanDeZande and edited by Kelly Escalante and Zach Dickie

Matt: We’re here on Day 3 of RTX and I’m talking to Jonathan from Wobbl3 about their game Dub Wars. I just had a chance to play it, it’s a ton of fun. So, Jonathan, tell me a little bit about the inspiration as far as using the music to impact the game.

Jonathan: Our main objective was really just to spotlight these [electronic dance music] and dubstep artists. We wanted a game that was a collaboration with them and really promoted the music so that it wasn’t just background noise. So that was the founding principle that we really wanted to start on. We wanted to make a game that was focused on the music.


M: Can you tell me a couple of the artists that you’ve used?

J: Yeah! Some of our biggest ones are Minecraft Universe, nghtmr, we have a whole collection from Tim Ismag and Celldweller, and a bunch of smaller start-up ones that we’re working with, as well. So we want to help all of them.


M: About how many songs do you have playing in here?

J: We have ten songs, ten unique levels designed around every single one of those songs, and that’s what we’re going to be launching with and from there we’ll incorporate new music and new songs.


M: Are there any particular artists who you’re looking to get partnered up with or do you have some lined up already?

J: We have a lot of sources we’re going to work with. We want to make sure we launch successfully first and from there we’ll reach out to the community and work with the artists. But we do have a collection of artists that we’re going to be talking to, we’re just waiting until we launch first.


M: So tell us about the level design and how you get the weapons going.

J: Once again, every single level, all the weapons, are completely unique to every song. So we’ve actually designed it so it has synchronized with the beat — all your rhythms, your downbeats, the eclipses of the song are all going to be how you fire your weapon. It’s all firing for you as you play.


M: The way I’m looking at it now, especially with the way you just explained it, is that each level is basically a game in-and-of itself with how you unique it is and with the different enemies. Can you tell us about some of the different enemies you run into and some of the different obstacles?  

J: As far as obstacles, we actually looked at each song and decided what kind of theme is going to fit the song best, and we’d try and design a whole set of graphics just for that — like on the [level] you were playing earlier, “Choose Your Weapon,” we let you essentially choose your weapon and there are spots in the songs that effect which weapon you’ll be firing during those climax portions. And we really tried to every single level have a unique set of enemies, and we’ve gone all-out with graphic design to make them look as amazing as possible.


M: Do you have an expected release date?

J: We have a release date, it is the 19th of July, so coming up really soon!


M: And I was playing with an Xbox controller — is it releasing on Xbox?

J: It is releasing on Steam first, we will be going to all consoles after that. We really believe it’s a good couch game.


M: Obviously, we’re here at RTX — is this your first one or have you all been here before?

J: It is our first RTX! It’s new for us, we’ve been going to a few different conventions and this has probably been the best we’ve been to. It’s been amazing here.


M: Favorite part about being at RTX?

J: Oooh, favorite part has got to be the crowds cheering. We’re really close to a few different stages, and when you hear the crowds cheer, and that excitement, it just makes this place feel awesome!


M: Thank you again so much! I look forward to playing the game at release.

J: Thank you!      

Find out more about Dub Wars, including information about each of the featured musicians, at


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