BIGBITE Interviews: Yomary Cruz @ RTX 2016

Yomary Cruz

Transcribed by Matthew “Retrograder” VanDeZande and edited by Jay Michael

Matthew: We’re here on Day 3 of RTX and I am sitting with the lovely Yomary Cruz. Yomary, how are you doing today?

Yomary: I am doing great. I’ve had a great time here.


M: First off, just for viewers and for those who might not be completely familiar with the Red vs. Blue voice cast, can you tell us a little about what you do at Rooster Teeth?

Y: Well, I am the voice of Sheila the Tank and also FILSS. So, Thank you for activating the MAO8V Main Battle Tank, you may call me Sheila.

M: For the longest time I thought that was done with a voice filter, but you just do it! That’s amazing.


M: So what sort of work do you do outside of Rooster Teeth?

Y: Well, I started at Rooster Teeth because I had done a lot of acting, I had been in soap operas, I’ve done lots of voice-overs before, and that’s how Rooster Teeth found me. I was actually recommended to them for the voice of Sheila, and that’s what I’ve continued to do! So I’m still an actress and I still do TV hosting, and right now I’m actually putting together my own travel-adventure show for Youtube, so be sure to check it out. It’s going to be fun! I’m going to do something on RTX, so check it out. It’s going to be my point of view of RTX, it’s going to be short and sweet since I’ve been so busy running around doing everything else, but it’ll be fun.


M: I do have a couple questions regarding FILSS the character — because she started off being completely neutral as Sheila, and then we got a little insane with her for a minute after the Omega AI, and then as she’s FILSS, especially during this past season, she sounds really tired and sad. What was it like to develop this AI character — this robotic character — into someone that has so much emotion?

Y: It was interesting, because it was a challenge. I always had to sort of not go too overboard because she is an AI. So that was a challenge. But I would always push the boundaries and see what I could get away with! Because after all, I’m an actress, so I want to emote. But it was also part of the character, and there are reasons why she becomes more emotional, but that will — maybe? — someday be revealed. It’s one of the secrets of the Sheila/FILSS character.


M: Just a couple more quick questions. Which season was your favorite one to work on?

Y: Oh gosh. I just love the character so I don’t even know how to choose. Probably the early episodes — they were really fun for me, especially when she was in the love triangle, that was really fun. And then also when you get to Season 10 and it’s so intense and we have my death scene and that was really emotional and deep. We were actually crying as we recorded it, we were in tears, and that was fun, too.


M: Now since I’m from a Community group, I have to ask — and we’re doing another “what’s your favorite” question — what’s your favorite part about the Rooster Teeth community?

Y: Oh my gosh, the community! That’s my favorite part! Seriously! When I come out here, it’s all about meeting all of you guys. That’s it, that’s what makes it for me. That’s what keeps me going — sometimes I’m exhausted or whatever but it’s just, wow! I get to meet you guys and I get to hang out with you guys and that’s what makes it all worthwhile!


M: Well, thank you so much for having a sit-down with me! This has been incredible.

Y: Thank you for having me! I hope to see you guys soon.            


To keep up with Yomary, you can follow her on twitter @YomaryCruz and subscribe to YomaryCruzChannel on Youtube.


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