Always Open #1

Edited by Natasha Hayes

Always Open review_block 1There’s something a little bit different about Always Open, Rooster Teeth’s latest podcast. It’s not the brand new set that first catches your eye, or the new talk show-style segments. It’s that the cast of the first episode is comprised entirely of women.

Produced and hosted by Barbara Dunkelman, Always Open was crafted to fill a niche in the existing Rooster Teeth entertainment lineup. While Dunkelman is a regular on the long-running Rooster Teeth Podcast, this is her chance to create something that might appeal to a whole new segment of the community.

Always Open sets a unique tone from the very beginning. Intended to feel more like a casual chat between friends, the cast of Pilot 0.1 are revealed sitting on a set designed to look like a diner booth. Dunkelman is joined by Mica Burton, Lindsay Jones, and Mariel Salcedo, who launch immediately into a conversation about the concept of catfishing and their own experiences with the phenomenon. The segment, ‘My First Time’, has the ladies talking about the first time they took a lie too far. What follows is a hilarious conversation about school shenanigans featuring Men Without Hats, fake parental affairs, and being an actual genie.

Always Open review_block 2In typical Rooster Teeth style, the conversation eventually rolls back around to farts: what makes you fart, when to start farting in front of your partner, and dad farts. “There’s nothing funnier than a fart,” Barbara says, before the conversation continues for a solid ten minutes.

For a long while now, Rooster Teeth have been working to get a program like this up and running, and their efforts have paid off. Always Open feels like a Rooster Teeth Podcast because it is one; the only difference is that the RT Ladies are finally getting their well-deserved moment in the sun. If you’re a fan of the Rooster Teeth Podcast, or Off Topic, you have every reason to love Always Open. The new podcast is funny, insightful, and will hopefully become a long-running staple in the Rooster Teeth lineup.

Always Open‘s pilot run is now available only for FIRST members at 10:30 on Thursday nights.

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