Campe Diem! (Camp Camp)

Goooooood Morning Campers! Who’s ready for another exciting day of adventure at Cameron Cambell’s Camp Campbell?! I know I am! So rise and shine to the premiere episode of Rooster Teeth’s new animated show Camp Camp!

Camp Camp tells the heroic tale of Max, a jaded 10 year old who would rather be anywhere than the summer camp his parents shipped him off to, alongside him are his fearless camp counselors, the always smiling David and the crippling anxious Gwen! Together with his new found friends, Nikki and Niel, the trio must either find a way out of this god forsaken camp, or some how manage to survive the summer. Who knows what lies ahead but as the fearless founder Cameron Campbell always said. Campe Diem!

Michael Jones, who voices the star Max, delivers a sure fire performance that really sells the idea that this was what he was like as a 10 year old. Alongside him are legendary voice actors Yuri Lowenthal (Mercury Black from RWBY and Simon from Gurren Lagann) and Elizabeth Maxwell (Winter Schnee from RWBY and Ymir from Attack on Titan), who voice Niel and Nikki respectively. The voices of camp counselors David and Gwen, voiced by the fan favorite Miles Luna (Writer of Camp Camp and RWBY) and the talented Lee Eddy (Lex from Day 5). The show features other awesome voices we know and love including Lindsay Jones (Ruby Rose from RWBY and Vanessa Kimball from RvB) as Space Kid, and Travis Willingham (Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist) as Cameron Campbell.

The show features humor that should hopefully hit multiple different taste in jokes, from sexual innuendos to political jokes. It is very well written from what I can tell and I only hope it will go up hill from here. With the series being penned by both Miles and Jordan (Who also helped on Xray and Vav) we’re sure to be in for a memorable and hilarious summer camp experience! Both time and the unpredictable minds at Rooster Teeth will only tell what we can expect from this show, but rest assured that we are in for one awesome ride!

You can get your hands on some sweet Camp Camp shirts now available at the Roosterteeth store, the collection is small but if the show takes off it will rapidly grow fast!

I have high hopes for Camp Camp, I was hyped with the teaser trailer and the first episode met all my expectations, leaving me laughing almost non stop. So if you’re itching for a laugh or want to experience some summer adventure, check out Camp Camp! Episodes release every Friday for Rooster Teeth sponsors and release to all other site members the following day.

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