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Introductions! For those who haven’t stumbled across you, would you be able to introduce who you are and what you do? 

I’ll start with my name’s Lex though that is just a online name I have everyone use, my real name is Alex which is in itself a nickname too heh. For what I do, I’m a freelance artist which means I basically draw what I want or like, most often being from animes or games or also the big thing I tend to draw is Roosterteeth stuff. And as a side note I run the Indianois community group which is just a group of people who are from either Indiana or Illinois, and then I co-host with my 2 friends Justin and Tori aka Gaelfox on the MAVV Radio, where we talk about rwby theories or just rwby stuff in general after watching the episodes.

Could you talk us through your background within art specifically? 

Well from a young age I guess I just always really liked the arts be is traditional, digital, performance, writing or photography. I guess its cause I also watched a lot of animated movies or shows ended up leaning me to want to draw too. I didn’t actually want to go into a career of art until about 7 or 8th grade, which is during the time I also go my first tablet and started drawing digitally. Since then its been about 8 or 9 years, its weird thinking thats how long I’ve been drawing haha. And then from there I kinda did all sorts of arts like I was in ballet for 9 years, I did theater for one and then photography I picked up my senior year in high school and fell in love.

How did you develop your particular style? 

It wasn’t easy, thats for sure, but I’m sure any artist might say that. To be honest I didn’t have this kind of style till about the end of 2013 leading into 2014. And even then it was still developing into what I have now, and I still have ideas on how to perfect more as the years progress. And yes it is heavily anime based but I don’t mind if thats how others view it.I also would view others artist’s works and see what works and what doesn’t which is a good thing to do. As far as technique, I fell in love with two brushes on sai, the pencil and watercolor and thats how I’ve gotten it to look how it is now.

Was there a particular moment that made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

I think the very first time the Roosterteeth retweeted and reblogged my big piece last year was when I really realized wow I love art and I love drawing, I especially love seeing the reactions people make to my art, thats the biggest thing. Cause when I get people messaging me on tumblr or twitter saying this motivates them or made them smile and laugh, or even those funny reactions of ”LEX NO WHY ARE YOU HURTING ME” it motivates me. I want those interactions and reactions from people because then I know I’m doing it right. I’m also a sucker for being a sap cause shows or movies would always make me smile and I want to do the same for other, I want to create pieces to brighten someones day.

Is there anything you wish you’d have known as a young artist just starting out? 

Literally everything I know now haha but no I do wish I had known that while its good to learn by tracing, not really good to post online. Some pieces I still regret having.

Could you talk us through the process of a recent piece?

This piece is by far probably my favourite Rooster Teeth fanart I’ve made as of now. Mostly because 1 its an ode to my favorite Roosterteeth shows that have a deep meaning to me and 2 because it took me a long time to get it finished. So I started the basic idea back in November 2015, I really just wanted to do something to what I did in January 2015 with that big piece, but I also didn’t want to draw a bunch of characters again because it gets time consuming. So I cut it down to just Ruby, Tucker, and Xray and Vav. But of course I didn’t start working on the piece till about the end of March into April, had a lot on my hands which is why it took me so long to get back to it. I already had an idea of where they were gonna be and in what poses so it was just grabbing references and sketching everything out. The longest part of the process was the lineart, because Ruby’s scythe and Tuckers armor have a lot of detail and I tend to be a very detail oriented person. Once that was done it was adding the right colors, then some shadows and lighting, and for an added touch i give my drawings some white outlines, to stand out and pop against the dark colors or against another character to show their is space between them. I also made a speedpaint of the piece on the Let’s Play Community channel and it shows how I went through it. ( which is linked up above you can erase this little parenthases part)

Favourite piece? 

My piece I did was the one of all the Achievement Hunter members last year. Its really my favorite because it has all my favourite Rooster Teeth people.

Favourite artist? 

Thats a tough one, probably Kazue Kato because she created my favorite manga/anime Blue Exorcist and I love her art a lot.

Favourite thing to draw? 

Currently right now it’s been Overwatch but I also love drawing RWBY and Xray and Vav epsecially Mad King and Mogar.

Favourite art medium to use?

Digital! But I also have a fondness to traditional watercoloring. It’s very relaxing.

What does your art setup look like?

I tend to have music playing cause my tv doesn’t have cable anymore so can’t watch shows in the background. But I do have youtube videos playing in the background too. And then usually I’ll have a ton of reference tabs open on whatever I’m drawing. I used to have drink soda all the time to keep me going on pieces but I’ve cut it out of my diet so now it’s water or juice I drink to keep me refreshed and sometimes I bring up snacks and set them to the side to munch on especially when I work on big pieces I tend to not leave my chair till it’s done.

Where, what, or who do you go to for inspiration? 

A lot of it stems from movies and shows, I know I tend to say this a lot but it’s true. Growing up watching them nonstop has been a habit of mine, but I not only watch them cause I like them, I watch them cause there are so many tiny things that one can see. And it just awes me that theres so much love and detail put into what they’ve created. But there is someone who really inspires me, and those who know me have heard me say it but Monty Oum is my biggest inspiration. Never had I heard or thought someone could do as much as him. I won’t lie my heart broke when I heard of his passing but I kept moving forward. There were times I felt low and didn’t think my art wasn’t making it, but then I’d tell myself what would Monty do, probably be done already with it but I knew that sitting here wallowing in my self pity wasn’t getting me anywhere. But he is the reason I work twice as hard as I did before. I’m still sad I never got to meet him, I would’ve loved to have told him this in person.

What would your dream job be? (If you’re not already in it!) 

Oh man, dream job. Gonna be a sap again but back when Rise of the Guardians came out I kinda fell in love, like a lot in love with the movie. I mean I loved Dreamwoks already but then this movie happened and I kinda thought wow someday I want to work for them. Though now I’ve grown and I know how the art world works but I still dream of someday working for Disney or Laika, but especially Dreamworks. And as far as what I want to do, well I love concept art and character design and thats what I’d want to go into but I also want to bring back the 2d animation, while 3d animation amazes me 2d has always captured my heart. But yes someday I dream of working for Dreamworks.

You can check out more of Lex’s work on Twitter and Tumblr or over on her website HERE.

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  • Cupcakke Reply

    June 15, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    This article is very informative, and Lex is a very talented person. The speed art is fun to watch! The only thing that kept taking me out of the moment is the grammar/spelling errors. Otherwise, good job!

    • James Perrett Reply

      June 15, 2016 at 10:21 pm

      Thanks very much! We don’t like editing peoples responses to our questions in case we change the tone of voice.

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