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Introductions! For those who haven’t stumbled across you, would you be able to introduce who you are and what you do?

I’m Nate. I am an artist in the RT community. I haven’t really had much of an online pressence besides my personal website up untill a couple of months ago. But now I am posting my daily art pieces to twiter and reddit just to share my daily practices while I try to land a stable job doing art or animation.

Could you talk us through your background within art specifically?

I have been making art since I was a little kid. I never really had any training in it untill college. I went to Digipen: Institute of Technology up in Redmond Washington for 4 years. The firt two were spent learning art history and working only in tradional mediums (Paint, pencit and clay).  The next two were spent diving into digital stuff like animation in Maya and painting/ concept art in Photoshop. That school was really structured like a bussiness rather than a place to learn. So I got tons of practice doing as much art as humanly possible.


How did you develop your particular style?

I love a ton of diffrent movies and cartoons and my style is really just a reflection of that. People have told me I’m somewhat of a Art style chameleon. I love to learn a ton from other artist by putting my own spin on an artstyle and in turn improving my own stuff. My personal stuff does have a heavy influence by Disney. Mainly because I loved those movies as a kid and most of my teachers in college were ex-Disney employees. So I can see why my drawn stuff has a tiny bit of that in it.

Was there a particular moment that made you think ‘this is what I want to do’?

My second semester in college when I was being taught traditional animation by Anthony DeFato. He really truned me to animation as something which I found to be my true passion. But I really think I have always been a creative person so I knew I’d be doing art in some capasity later in life.

Is there anything you wish you’d have known as a young artist just starting out?

It may be scary sharing your stuff with others but collaboration with other people is the life-blood of being creative. If you don’t have anyone to offer critique or bounce ideas off of you become stagnant, which can really hurt your creative spark.

Could you talk us through the process of a recent piece? 

Well my most recent piece of Jack Pattillo as a ghostbuster was super fun to do. So first I always start by gathering refernce images. In this instance I got a ton of pics from videos and movie stills of both Jack and from the first Ghostbusters movie. Then I sketch out a pose trying to work out what compsition I want. After that I begin to paint by starting with a back background and painting in layers as I go, building up to the focal point (The face in this case). This usually stars in broad color blotches that I refine as the piece progresses. The whole time I have in mind the lighting I want and I paint the colors in accordance to the few yhears of color theory I had in Uni. After I refine the piece more I add the hilights and make the shadows have more color vibrance to them trying to keep the focus on the focal point.

Favorite piece?

Of mine? I don’t really have one favorite. Its all a process of constant improvement for me so I just like to build on what I’ve done before after reaching a point where I can tolerate showing what I have produced. As far as animations go I really like all my dance ones. My current favorite being the swing dance with two people featured on my demo reel.

But as for other artists I follow a ton of people on Instragram who are constantly making cool stuff. My current favorite is Ty Carter, a concept painter who worked on the Peanuts Movie from Blue Sky.

Favorite artist?

Chuck Jones for sure. If you haven’t seen the “Every Frame a Painting” YouTube vid on him you should definitely check it out.

Favorite thing to draw?

I really like telling a story or just in appreciation of really cool lighting. I really like painting night scenes in which you get really vibrant colors bouncing all over everything in the piece contrtastd with blues and blacks.

Favorite art medium to use?

I’m really enjoying Photoshop at the moment. But I always really liked sculpting in clay if we are talking tradtional mediums.

What’s your art setup look like? 

Just using my Surface pro 3 and photoshop since my intos Tablet broke a year ago. So my set up is really moble now and I can do it pretty much anywhere I want to.

Where, what, or who do you go to for inspiration?

Other artists. Whether it is friends from college, fellow RT fan artists or people on intagram sharing their coool art. I get a ton of ideas from seeing what they are up to as well as consuming TONS of movies. Films are a big influence on what gets me motivated creatively.

What would your dream job be?

Animation or a technical lighting job in a film studio. I am currently trying for places in California and Canada but jobs don’t seem to be readily available. So I am currently trying to get some money from commission art to help pay off my student debt. But really any job where I can use my art is one I’d be happy in.

Check out more of Nate’s work on Twitter and over on his website!

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