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Gabrielle Lamb interviewed artist and Rooster Teeth community member, Paddock! Here’s what went down:

Tell us about yourself. Favorite books, movies, songs?
I’m fond of a lot of mainstream series like Harry Potter and Eragon, but I hold books like Pendragon closer to my heart because it’s something I found and enjoyed fully without suggestion. Moulin Rouge and Much Ado about Nothing (by director Kenneth Branagh) are always the first films to come to mind (on the level of how thoroughly I enjoy it each time I watch it) and Songs come as they are and tend to flare up randomly. It’s difficult to just pick a few. Tastes are always changing!

What got you into RT itself? Was it a single video or a series?
As it goes for most of the community in my age group, it would have to be Red VS Blue. Halo has come out and everyone in middle school is super pumped for it. My best friend has literally ruined multiplayer for me and I still find the armor and story just so fresh and new that I gotta find SOME sort of content made up around it and low and behold, Roosterteeth delivers.

From the current line up of shows, what is your favorite right now and why?
It’s very much a toss up between On The Spot and the “Book Club” version of The Patch. I really like watching the cast and crew enjoy themselves in a game show type setting, but I also relish the moments when Ryan just cannot stand the games the community and members of the talk show suggest. Absolute gold. It has all the fun of a letsplay but in a condensed setting.

Why did you start drawing RT/AH?
I had moved from my hometown and from the past community I had been in, and a very good friend of mine suggested watching AH’s Minecraft series. We talked about it a lot until I caved and just started doin it! It’s been a wild coaster from there.

Did you ever expect to get this popular in the art community?
I feel like it’s not exactly a popularity mindset? But more of a trickle down pyramid of people’s art you see first and foremost and then spiraling down to find more people of like minded infatuations. I still don’t connect with nearly as many people as other artists do, but I am so thankful for the friends I have made thru it. Even community members who are not content creators inspire me so much and it’s just a fondue of different ideas and skills that I cannot be happy enough for.

Who’s your favorite to draw?
Currently it’s gotta be Ryan, just as he is the most requested? But I absolutely love Drawing Ray. He’s got a good face.

Who are some other RT artists that you admire?
Madiniwa, Zerotation, Kingsdarga, padalickingood, unclearrabbitii, pinstripe-art (aka mrpinstripesuit), and idk if they consider themselves to be RT artist category, but absolutely shanenpae. Huge insp for figure drawing! There are so many more but these few pop into my head almost immediately. c:

Any advice for artists who are worried their art isn’t good enough to post online?
It’s absolute rubbish! If I could show yall’ the monstrosities I posted without abandon on DA like, 13 years ago, I’m sure the images would curl your toe nails. Accept criticism that you’ve asked for! Don’t be afraid to try to make friends within your age group that also like art! Supporting other artists is so rewarding, everyone has something to bring to the table when it comes to creating. Never try to put yourself down before you’ve had the chance to stand.

Any closing thoughts on the RT community?
It’s presence and effect varies from site to site, but all in all the community itself is warm to it’s core and one of the fastest sobering communities when it comes to heart breaking tragedies, and the loudest party when it celebrates it’s members. The positivity and love alone has pulled me up from bad times and welcomed me back after a long sit down without batting an eyelash. A wonderful community would just be simplifying a list of rather embarrassing compliments, but it’ll do hahaha.

Thanks for speaking with us! Head to Paddock’s Tumblr for more amazing art!

Interview by Gabrielle Lamb from the Rooster Teeth Community


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