Pokémon GO! Drinks


Going out on a Pokemon quest with your team? It’s really hot outside! When you get back, cool down with these awesome punches! Art by Ashto


Spark would go crazy for this electrifying punch! In a large punch bowl, combine 2L of pineapple soda, 1.5L of whipped cream vodka, 1 can of frozen lemonade concentrate, and 1L of tonic. Drop a chunk of dry ice in to cool things down. Cut 4 lemons in half and float them at the top. Or cut more. Whatever. Just follow your instincts.



Blanche has researched all of the punch recipes, and has found the best! In a large punch bowl, combine 1Gal of Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch, 1.5L of Malibu, and 1L of tonic. Drop some dry ice in for a mystical mist. Evolve the drink further by peeling and slicing 4 kiwis, then adding the kiwi and 1pt of blueberries to the mix!



Candela challenges you to try this punch! In a large punch bowl, combine 1Gal (red) Hawaiian Punch, 1.5L of citrus vodka, 1L tonic, and a 12oz can of pineapple tidbits. Drop some dry ice in to cool things down, because this punch is fire!

Which team is very best? Let us know in the comments below! And remember kids, don’t drink and play Pokemon GO. Seriously, your Pokeball accuracy will go down the toilet. Save these drinks for after the quest!


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