Sex Swing: The Animated Series – Announced!

Just announced today at the Funhaus panel, SEX SWING will return as an animated show. For now, all that is released is this tweet from James.

There was a teaser trailer that Funhaus showed on their panel and on their Twitch stream, but it hasn’t been publicly released yet so the details are still pretty thin right now with no release date. We managed to catch the trailer at the panel, and it only showed the Sex Swing members talking in all their hilarious voices on a black screen with the logo popping up with lightning at the end – so really, nothing to go off yet.

For those unaware of what Sex Swing is, here’s a recap. Sex Swing is a band that Funhaus created in Open Haus #9 originally composed of Tommy Steale (Bruce Greene), Spunkie Bruester (Joel Rubin), Tha Schling (Adam Kovic), and Jamez The Rip her (James Willems). It started off as a joke but evolved into much more. As part of Rooster Teeth being sponsored by Rock Band 4’s release, they had an event in which members of the company played the game on a livestream. For this event, it was announced that we would see Sex Swing perform live. At the event, we saw Sex Swing transform from an Open Haus joke, into a real band (It’s still a joke, but it’s real to me damnit!). Their performance can be seen on the video below!

At the end of the video, it was said that Sex Swing’s tour bus crashed and the video was made a memorial to their legacy. We’re thinking that the show will most likely be a prequel to these events. In addition to that, it has been confirmed that Spunkie Bruester will not return as Joel Rubin no longer works at Funhaus.

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From the teaser they showed at the panel, we can hear Elyse’s voice possibly as the character who replaces Spunkie Bruester. There are no official Sex Swing songs to listen to while waiting for the release of the show, but there are great fan made ones out there. Here’s a video to one made by conorisabagel.

Based on the shows that are currently being released as part of Rooster Teeth’s Summer of Animation, we can be sure that Sex Swing: The Animated Series will be amazing. All that’s left to do for the time being is wait for the announcement of more details and a trailer or teaser for the show.

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