Top 10 Cancelled Achievement Hunter Shows

It seems like Achievement Hunter’s plan for growth doesn’t just include adding new shows like Off Topic and Theater Mode. Their plan also includes stopping production on some of their other shows in order to make sure they can stay focused and not spread themselves thin. So in today’s list we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Cancelled Achievement Hunter Shows.

For this list we’ll be looking at shows that Achievement Hunter produced that has since been officially cancelled. We won’t be including shows that are still up in the air as far as production goes, such as Sunday Driving and Shenanigans.

  1. Countdown/Top Five

Debut Date           : May 12th, 2014

Finale Date          : January 5th, 2016

It seems appropriate to start this list with Achievement Hunter’s own show about making lists. The show that was created by former AH member Kdin Jenzen a.k.a Fϋgz started as a “Top 10” style video series having various amounts of entries in each list ranging from top 5 to top 15. In February 23rd, 2015 the show was rebranded as simply Top Five. The show had its moments, but also wasn’t always received well by the community or even the AH hosts sometimes. Kdin was the main person who determines what goes in the list and in what order, so he was also the one people blamed when they disagree with the list. All in all it was a decent show, but it started to slow down in production during the second half of 2015 and finally ended after the 2 part episode for Top 10 games of 2015 came out.

  1. Game Night

Debut Date           : March 23rd, 2012

Finale Date          : February 14th, 2014

WOT IS GAME NIGHT???!!! Well, it was the series where AH hosts community playdates in various games. The series on youtube only showed Halo games with many different game types being featured every week. Geoff and Caleb hosted the series on youtube explaining what game type they play and how that mode is played. But perhaps the most memorable part of the series is the running gag where Gavin screams “WHAT IS GAME NIGHT?” in the beginning of most episodes.

  1. Trials Files

Debut Date           : April 24th, 2012

Finale Date          : November 4th, 2014

Moving down the list we’ve got another show made to show off custom games, this time in Trials Evolution. When the Trials Evolution map editor was released along with the game, it was amazing to see how people can make such unique gameplay mechanics in a motorcycle racing game. Geoff and Jack as the main hosts of the show were always amused as to what different types of levels the Trials Community has made and it was fun to see the level they choose to be on the show and then download it yourself to try at home.

  1. Quick Bits

Debut Date           : August 20th, 2012

Finale Date          : December 17th, 2012

Even though it lasted only 18 episodes, it was definitely a great show. Quick Bits was the short lived series mainly edited together by Gavin where they would show quick highlights from videos that AH has made. It was a great way to show the best parts of a longer Let’s Play in order to make the viewers of this series interested in watching the full videos. Now it has been replaced by the various “Best Of” videos that can be found in the Let’s Play Community Channel

  1. Five Facts

Debut Date           : September 11th, 2012

Finale Date          : May 17th, 2016

And we’ve now got a show that was very recently cancelled show up on the list. The show mainly produced by Franco from the AH Community was announced as cancelled when he himself made a journal about it on the RT site. Five Facts was one of the few AH shows that was first done by a community member in the community channel before being migrated into the main AH channel. Five Facts was a show where Franco would find 5 interesting facts about a video game, which will be read by the Achievement Hunters. It was a fun way to learn about certain things in the games that was featured in the video.

  1. Presented With Comment

Debut Date           : August 1st, 2015

Finale Date          : January 6th, 2016

A.K.A the “Talk shit, get featured” show. Presented with Comment which was hosted by Lil J was the show where the various hosts of Achievement Hunter along with occasional guests would be given a comment and they would have to guess where the comment came from. It was a good concept and a fun show while it lasted, but it also inspired people to leave mean comments on AH videos just to try and get on the show, which ended up being the reason that they cancelled it.

  1. Fails Of The Weak

Debut Date           : September 22nd, 2010

Finale Date          : May 13th, 2016

Another recently cancelled show to show up on the list. Fails of The Weak started off as the reverse of a top 10 list of Halo game clips where instead of showing people being great at the game, showed people failing in a funny way. The show was mainly Jack and Geoff just laughing at the endless amount of clips people have made in the game. Later on, the show included other games to be featured in the video. Geoff’s cancer curing laugh was always a treat whenever it appears on the show.

  1. How To:

Debut Date           : February 6th, 2014

Finale Date          : May 15th, 2016

From playing games where you play as bread to actually being a giant piece of bread, How To was an awesome show. Hosted mainly by Joel and Adam Ellis, this was a show where they would play games and do stupid things like Taze people and go to an abandoned building to play Outlast. It was great to see Joel’s goofy style of comedy in more achievement hunter videos and a great introduction to Adam Ellis. The series also had a period where Matt Bragg and Jeremy became their side guests and that also made for some great videos. The series ended up being cancelled because Adam Ellis was ramping up work on the tech side of Rooster Teeth and didn’t have as much time to dedicate to just making a video series.

  1. Achievement HORSE/HUNT

Debut Date           : December 6th, 2010

Finale Date          : May 10th, 2016

Achievement HORSE, which had a spinoff in the form of Trials PIG, and then turned into Achievement HUNT, was the show where the people of Rooster Teeth play HORSE. Instead of playing basketball, they would do challenges in a game to determine who wins each letter. Originally, the show was done only in Halo: Reach and then transitioned into Halo 4 for the 100th episode of the series. And after episode 150 which aired October 23rd, 2013 HORSE was turned into HUNT, which had the same basic concept, but instead of needing to win 5 rounds, they just needed to win 4. HORSE became such a huge series that it was used as an attraction at a few conventions, such as RTX and Halo Fest at PAX. HORSE also had office wide tournaments that had many members of the RT office at the time compete to see who won the title of RT HORSE Champion. As HUNT, the show had more and more different concepts applied to it, namely Jack and Gavin’s really long game of HUNT spreading over several videos and getting actual achievements instead of doing their own made up challenges. It was never announced when and why the series was cancelled, but it is now under the “Past Shows” tab on the Achievement Hunter site.

  1. Let’s Build

Debut Date           : October 1st, 2012

Finale Date          : February 10th, 2015

Before there was Off topic, this is the closest thing to a podcast that Achievement Hunter did. The series started off as a way for Gavin and Geoff to show their method for building the various Lets Plays and Things To Do Ins in Minecraft. The series can also be credited for being Million Dollars But before that show existed, because many of the conversations between Geoff and Gav start off with “For a million dollars, would you…” and then spinoff into a 30 minute conversations that would be fascinating to hear. After a while, Geoff and Gavin stopped being the main builders and handed it off to Kdin, Lindsay, Matt and Jeremy a.k.a Team Building Exercise. The cancellation of the series was announced on February 16th 2015 in AHWU #252. An extra episode of the series was released on November 19th 2015 even after the series was cancelled. This was a great series to not only watch but even just listen to in the background, making it the #1 cancelled series made by Achievement Hunter.

That concludes this version of BIGBITE Lists, hopefully this list doesn’t need to expand anytime soon, because Achievement Hunter’s current list of shows is pretty solid. What is your favorite cancelled show? Did we miss any shows that deserved to be on the list? Leave a comment to tell us why.

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