Top 10 Cancelled RT Shows

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With the first season of Day 5 wrapped and Crunch Time coming out soon, Rooster Teeth looks to be hitting all the right notes when it comes to choosing what they produce. But not every show is able to have as many seasons as Red vs. Blue, and today we’ll be looking at some of the shows that are unfortunately no more. We will not be including shows that had a definitive end such as A Simple Walk to Mordor and Captain Dynamic — instead we will be focusing on shows that could have and/or should have continued.

  1. The Strangerhood

Debut Date           : October 18th, 2004

Finale Date           : October 3rd, 2015



First up on the list is the show with the longest time between its first episode and its finale. The Strangerhood was a machinima series primarily made with The Sims 2. The series is centered around eight characters who woke up in a place called Strangerhood Lane without any memory of themselves or how they arrived there. The original run of the show was from 2004 to 2006. But some time after its cancellation, it became a meme for people to constantly request or ask Rooster Teeth to bring back the show. Ray and Mike Kroon (former Achievement Hunter intern) are often credited as the people who pushed this meme the most. It became such a huge inside joke, it prompted Burnie and Matt to put Strangerhood Season 2 as a stretch goal for Lazer Team’s Indiegogo campaign if they were able to raise $2,250,000. The goal was reached and four episodes were released in 2015 (even featuring Ray as a cast member) and it finally ended the meme that had haunted Rooster Teeth for years. Now it’s time to ask for Strangerhood Season 3!

  1. Nature Town

Debut Date           : July 20th, 2012

Finale Date           : August 24th, 2012



Nature Town was a six episode miniseries that was released on the now defunct RoosterTeethShows Youtube channel featuring talking animals all voiced by Rooster Teeth employees. While the show had excellent writing, the visual quality made it less popular than other shows at the time. It is definitely worth checking out if you want some classic RT comedy.

  1. Straight Outta RT

Debut Date           : August 11th, 2015

Finale Date           : June 14th, 2016



The show made by TheLoneFew usedGTA V to visualize funny stories and moments in other RT shows. The machinimation was done well and really added to the audio clips they had taken from the other shows. It was released once a month and was a great addition to the RT animation department. Its cancellation was announced in a livestream and also a journal by Gray Haddock. Despite its cancellation, TheLoneFew is still making content on their own YouTube channel and perhaps RT will collaborate with them again.

  1. Past Cast

Debut Date           : November 22nd, 2011

Finale Date           : January 6th, 2012


Past Cast was the flagship show for the RoosterTeethShows channel. It had a great concept, was written well, and featured RT cast members doing vlogs as historical figures. It was never fully explained why they did not make more episodes of the show, aside from Burnie saying on RT Podcast #174 that “Joel was tired of playing Hitler.” But let’s be honest — Joel’s performance and the fact that it made RT own an odd amount of Nazi props were the best parts of Past Cast.

  1. Screen Play

Debut Date           : August 6th, 2014

Finale Date           : January 7th, 2015



Just like Strangerhood Season 2, this show was a stretch goal from the Lazer Team Indiegogo campaign. It was a TV & movie podcast hosted by former RT employee J.J Castillo, and featured some truly special guests such as Keanu Reeves & Natalie Dormer. While it was an interesting concept, and something the fans had requested for years, the lukewarm reception and other issues between J.J & RT led to its cancellation. It was never fully revealed what happened or what Rooster Teeth’s plan is for Screen Play right now, but it’s looking like it might never come back.

  1. RT Recap

Debut Date           : August 12th, 2011

Finale Date           : June 8th, 2015



RT Recap started with that simple premise of informing the viewers about all the videos released by RT in the week prior and developed into them coming up with a new gimmick for every episode. It had many memorable moments, especially the one in Michael’s apartment and the one hosted by Jessica Nigri. With more live action shows being produced, it led to a shift where they focused more on creating content rather than recapping it, and although we would love to see it return, we can all agree that more Day 5 is worth not having it back.

  1. The Gauntlet

Debut Date           : November 12th, 2012

Finale Date           : December 1st, 2013


A.K.A Rooster Teeth’s first game show. It was a show where people competed in different video games without being told what the game was until right before the competition started. This gaming/reality show started off casting random people outside of RT for its first season, which received mixed responses. The second season featured a cast of more familiar faces and it received a much better audience response. It was a great show that definitely could still get better, but rights issues regarding the ownership of the show might hinder the chances of The Gauntlet ever coming back.

  1. Sportsball

Debut Date           : August 25th, 2015

Finale Date           : February 18th, 2016



Or, more accurately titled, the “NFL and college football show.” Hosted by Tyler Coe, this was Rooster Teeth’s sports show that surprisingly brought a lot of comedy along with it. From BBall Geoff to Miles showing his Sportsball, it had no shortage of funny moments. Their bits and discussions ranged from asking “Is a horse a person?” to serious topics such as the Baylor University scandal. The dynamic between the whole rotating cast, along with its guests turned it into a really good show whether you followed sports or not. Criticism centered around the fact that they talked primarily about football and not enough about other sports. The show was cancelled due to weak viewership, but it has now reincarnated in audio form as The Coe Show.

  1. X-Ray & Vav

Debut Date           : December 4th, 2014

Finale Date           : October 18th, 2015



Possibly the oddest story of a flub in an achievement guide that went from a meme, to shirts, to a Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures-type show, to a full-on animated cartoon. X-Ray & Vav’s origin story can be found in the Halo 4 – Terminus Achievement Guide video with Ray & Gavin. The show itself was first announced in the RTAA panel at RTX 2013 and showed a trailer that was featuring RTAA-styled silhouettes of X-Ray & Vav and the words “coming soon.” At the following RTX, Jordan (who makes the RTAAs) showed some footage of it on the RTAA panel. The show ended up having a much-loved “Saturday Morning Cartoon” feeling. The writing/plot was almost entirely driven by inside jokes from AH lore. Both seasons of the show did well, but with how season 2 finished and with Ray no longer interested in doing VO work it is now no longer in production. The animation team behind the show has moved over to working on Camp Camp.

  1. Free Play

Debut Date           : August 10th, 2015

Finale Date           : July 8th, 2016



And finally the fantastic variety show hosted by Meg Turney and Ryan Haywood. The show started its first season as an RT site exclusive and wasn’t published on YouTube until its second season. The show’s main cast were Ryan & Meg with Tyler & Mariel being their secondaries plus anyone else they had as special guests doing skits, challenges, and activities that were always fun to watch. The show was lit up by Meg’s upbeat personality and really showed us Ryan’s “silly dad” side. Free Play had guests such as Alan Ritchson and Johnny Mundo from Lucha Underground who each performed various challenged and taught Ryan and Tyler how to wrestle. The show was always fun and everyone on it seemed to enjoy the whole production, but with Meg’s departure from RT due to scheduling issues (and her own career pursuits) it was cancelled and is not forecasted to return. Due to the endless amount of fun they had on the show and the fantastic moments it gave us, this deserves to be the top of the list.

That concludes this installment of BIGBITE Top 10. Let’s hope we won’t need to update this list anytime soon, because Rooster Teeth’s stacked with great shows that are still in production. What is your favorite cancelled show? Did we miss any shows that deserved to be on the list? Leave a comment to tell us why.


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