Top 10 Fastest rounds in GO!

It’s GO! Time, Geoff has given a variety of tasks for the AH crew to do in order to get a sticker and work their way towards winning a “Pizza Party”. Sometimes the challenges are tough and sometimes they are really easy. For this week’s list, let’s look at the top 10 Fastest wins in GO!

The timer starts after Geoff says GO and the winner declares/realizes they have won, so just because an episode of GO is a shorter video, doesn’t mean it’s a shorter round. For this list we’re excluding episodes where the challenges are either survival, score based, or time limited, just looking at the episodes where they have to do a task the fastest. Episode #91 is also excluded since it wasn’t clear exactly how much time did the round take.

10. Episode #30 (Do a Ground Pound)

Time: 2:23

Winner: Jack

We start the list off with Jack playing Halo: Reach and doing an armor lock immediately after getting in the game. Michael was able to load up Prototype first, but he forgot how to do a ground pound, giving enough time for Jack to win this round.

9. Episode #17 (Deploy a parachute)

Time: 2:08

Winner: Ray

We have the first appearance of Ray in the list with him playing Just Cause and deploying the parachute immediately after starting the game. This win also marks the first Pizza Party ever won on GO! And for Ray, certainly not his last.

8. Episode #9 (Catch a Fish)

Time: 2:05

Winner: Jack

Despite Gavin’s effort to confuse Jack by switching his HDMI display, Jack still managed to catch a FISHHH!!! In just over 2 minutes. Also the first and probably only time a room full of people wanted to get a copy of Rapala Pro Fishing.

7. Episode #89 (Score 4 points)

Time: 1:41

Winner: Jack

Geoff went into the recording of this GO! Without an idea planned before hand, so it’s no surprise that his impromptu challenge was done in just over 100 seconds. Jack could’ve done it quicker if he hadn’t been so terrible at IDARB.

6. Episode #61 (Find a Snowman, Wrapped Present or Decorated Christmas tree)

Time: 1:40

Winner: Michael

In this Christmas episode of GO, Michael started the round very confident with his game of choice, Banjo Kazooie. He knew exactly where to go and what to do which lead him to winning the round in exactly 100 seconds.

5. Episode #21 (Kill a shark)

Time: 1:34

Winner: Michael

After a 20 minute round in the previous episode, Geoff decided to give an easier task this time around and thought that Ryan or Ray would’ve been the ones to win it. Michael was able to load up Shark Attack Deathmatch before anyone else and kill a shark.

4. Episode #10 (Score 3 points)

Time: 1:31

Winner: Ray

Michael and Ray had the same idea of playing golf to simply score a 3, but Michael’s choice of playing 3D Ultra Minigolf ended up taking too long. Ray managed to win by getting a Par 3 in Powerstar Golf.

3. Episode #29 (Fart in a video game)

Time: 1:29

Winner: Gavin

It seems appropriate that the farting episode of GO! Was won by Gavin. This was actually foreshadowed in the 7th entry on this list where Geoff farted on Gavin in the middle of GO! So it is only fair that he ended up winning this round with Battleblock Theater.

2. Episode #8 (Kill a Cop)

Time: 0:55

Winner: Ray

After a few seconds of thinking what game to play, Ray decided to play Retro City Rampage and kill a cop instantly. Gavin and Jack got as far as holding the discs in their hand and not even putting it in their Xboxes. This marks the first of only 2 entries on this list clocking in at under  1 minute.

1. Episode #66 (Show Geoff a rainbow)

Time: 0:50

Winner: Michael

Even with a lot of rambling and messing around in the beginning, this ended up being the shortest round of GO! Ever. Michael loaded up the Nyan Cat game and was able to clock in at just 50 seconds.  And so, even though Michael has only won 1 pizza party, he definitely has shown that he is proficient when he wins a round of GO!

That is it for the top 10 Fastest Wins in GO! Got a suggestion for another list? Or would you like to see a list of the Longest GO! Episodes ever? Leave a comment to tell us. I will see you on another edition of BIGBITE Lists.

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