Top 10 Longest Rounds in GO!

Edited by Natasha Hayes and Matthew “Retrograder” VanDeZande

It’s “Slow!” Time. We’ve already made a list of the fastest rounds in GO!, but it’s time to look at the other end of the spectrum. GO! is all about completing a challenge as quickly as possible, but apparently it’s not always that easy. Today we’ll be looking at the Top 10 Longest GO! rounds.

  1. GO! Episode #95 (Kill a Snake)

Time :  17:07

Winner :  Michael

Geoff’s deep fear of snakes inspired this episode’s challenge. Snakes are, apparently, quite difficult to find and kill, as demonstrated by Ryan spending over 10 minutes in Far Cry 4 to no avail. Even after he remembered that there’s a map editor, he still couldn’t  finish the job fast enough. Michael won the round by stumbling upon a random snake and killing it in DuckTales. This was Michael’s fifth victory, earning him his first Pizza Party.

  1. GO! Episode #20 (Get a Team Kill in 5 Games)

Time :  20:02

Winner :  Gavin

This challenge was inspired by Gavin’s annoying habit of killing his teammates in single player games like Halo, so it’s no surprise that he won. Nevertheless, even with Gavin’s specific knowledge of games where you could team kill, it still took him over 20 minutes to finish the challenge. Throughout the round it was clear that he was going to win, which is a rare sight in GO!.

  1. GO! Episode #28 (Kill a Hunter And a Brute)

Time :  22:39

Winner :  Gavin

This round’s caveat was that players could only use a Halo game once to kill either a brute or a hunter — not both. Although everyone had a clear gameplan as to which games they were going to play, it all came down to the execution. When Jack and the others were looking to play Left 4 Dead to kill a Hunter, Gavin took all the copies from the shelf. This tactic might’ve given him the slight advantage he needed to win this round.

  1. GO! Episode #18 (Kill an Enemy in 10 Different Games)

Time :  23:03

Winner :  Michael

Because this was the first round after the first pizza party, Geoff decided to make the challenge as annoying as possible. To do this, while each player was striving to earn his kills in each game, those kills would count towards each player’s seat’s score … and Geoff made everyone switch seats at random intervals. Gavin was close to winning when he had 9 kills on Jack’s seat, but Geoff made a switch right at that moment, effectively giving the win to Michael.

  1. GO! Episode #58 (Kill a Whale in GTA V)

Time :  23:30

Winner :  Jack

Lindsay attempted to win the round as quickly as possible by attacking Jack in real life.  Her plan’s failure led to an over-20-minute minute hunt for a whale. The team attempted multiple times to kill the whale by using knives or their fists, but ultimately Jack prevailed by running over a whale with a boat.

  1.  GO! Episode #33 (Kill an Indian/Native American, Soldier, Police Officer, Biker, Construction Worker, and Cowboy, Each in Different Games)

Time :  27:06

Winner :  Jack

Geoff’s idea for this GO! came to him on his way to work and it almost became series’ longest round at the time. The “YMCA” challenge, unsurprisingly, took everyone a long time, but it all came down to the wire between Jack and Ryan. In the end, Ryan’s inability to kill a Native American in Red Dead: Redemption and Killer Instinct gave Jack enough time to win the round.

4 GO! Episode #39 (Kill a Lion, Tiger, and a Bear)

Time :  27:18

Winner :  Ryan

The extreme competitiveness in this round led to Gavin finally breaking the disc tray on his 360 after treating it so badly for so long. Ray beating the Detroit Lions in a Madden game, while creative, did not earn him the victory. Ultimately, Ryan prevailed by killing Snowflake, the tiger in Dead Rising 2, leading to his only win on this list.

  1. GO! Episode #19 (Drive/Pilot a Plane, Car, Motorcycle, Skateboard, Spaceship, Bicycle, Helicopter, Tank, and a Boat)

Time :  28:13

Winner :  Ray

Ray took the lead early and stayed strong until the end. Gavin attempted his push-and-pull technique on his Xbox 360, but was  unable to clinch the win. While it was unclear who was in the lead for the majority of the challenge, Ray emerged victorious in the end.

  1.  GO! Episode #32 (Kill a Chicken in 3 Different Games)

Time :  28:20

Winner :  Ray

Geoff’s nostalgia for a video he made about chickens back in 2010 inspired this surprisingly-difficult challenge.. Gavin creatively used a flash game to quickly complete his second kill, but the still round ran so long that Kerry had to sub-in for Jack. Gavin’s failure in Cloning Clyde allowed Ray the time to achieve the winning kill, earning him his second victory on our list.

  1. GO! Episode #64 (Stand On Top a Blimp)

Time :  Over 1 hour

Winner :  Jack

Finally, the legendary  GO! – Episode 64. Jack began the round in a vehicle and completed the challenge quickly, but his victory was overruled due to his unfair start. Jack’s second almost-victory was  was again ruled out, because the blimp was on the ground. After 30 minutes, Geoff threw in the towel and Andy took over hosting. The gang then tried for another 30 minutes before they eventually gave up and searched for Geoff to put them out of their misery. Geoff was found and crowned Jack the victor, thus ending the longest-ever round in GO!

That’s the end of this week’s  Top 10. If you have any ideas for lists based on GO! that you would like to see made, leave a comment below. Or if you have a suggestion for any other lists you would like to see, go ahead and tell us! That’s all for now, and we will see you next week!

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