Why HD Remakes are Important

History tends to repeat itself. Big phones got small, now they’re big again. Furby’s are back on store shelves, and don’t get me started on the McRib. One way gamers can relate to this is through HD Remakes and Re-releases of video games. For years now, certain games have been getting their graphics touched up and their resolutions up-scaled by technology that just wasn’t available in the past. Some might see this as a rehashing for some quick cash but I think it’s much more. I believe remakes provide a great way to keep enjoyable IPs alive, provide abundant nostalgia and give new gamers a way to experience some amazing titles.

The first HD Remake / Collection I purchased was the Jak and Daxter Collection for my PS3. In fact, being primarily an Xbox gamer, switching from Ps2 to 360 and One, my PS3 is essentially a console for Sony exclusive titles and HD remakes, but back to my point. I bought the collection because Jak was the reason I wanted a Playstation 2 when I was in the 4th grade. It’s still my favorite game of all time, and now I was able to play through the whole series again as an adult! Sure, I could pop the classics into a Ps2, but the polish and convenience of one disc, on a current gen console at the time, was nice for the day and age we were in. So for me, it’s all about nostalgia. But the fact is these games have a chance to draw in a new, younger audience, all while keeping some amazing characters alive.

Believe it or not, a lot of gamers today weren’t around for the era of the Ps2 and Xbox. They jumped in with the Ps3, Wii and 360. I once heard a child refer to the 360 as “Retro”. Once I was done cringing, I made myself believe he would eventually learn about all the great titles that came out before 2005 (especially the even greater titles released before 1995, but I didn’t get my hopes up). HD Remakes and collections are a way to bring these older titles to a newer audience, who might not have heard of them before. Nintendo is doing great things with the Wii U’s Virtual Console. The classics released on there aren’t remastered, but that’s a great thing, because it’s allowing new gamers to play games how they were played when they were first released. On Sony’s end, characters like Jak and Daxter didn’t even see a new game for the PS3, so a remaster was a great way to keep the characters relevant. Sly Cooper had a 4th title in the series release on PlayStation 3, so the HD Collection gave gamers a way to play through the first three titles and get to know the characters of the franchise. So along with nostalgia, these games continue to generate new fans as well.

History, much like my formatting, tends to repeat itself. In the case of HD Remasters and Collections, it could be a great thing. Some might think it’s more of the same. “It’s nothing new to us.” “We’ve seen this already.” Well, it might not be, and you might have. But some of us like the old stuff enough to experience it again. It’s also new to others, and has the potential to be great for them as well. A games main purpose is to be played. If a game is enjoyable to the point where it makes sense from a business perspective to be released again because it will be played by old and new gamers alike, I’m all for it. Keep the remakes coming. Also, please give me Jak 4.

Words by Andy Ford from the Rooster Teeth Community

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  • James Perrett Reply

    April 22, 2016 at 10:57 am

    Jak & Daxter was one of my favourite games, ever. They really need to bring out a Jak 4! I’d even be happy with a reboot of the series.

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