“what exactly am I looking at here?”

BIGBITE Media is a content creation company. We do interviews, make videos, make podcasts, host radio shows, and feature awesome community content!

“What kind of content do you cover?”

Basically, we cover what we like. We cover a lot of what Rooster Teeth is doing, but we also cover other stuff, like gaming and cosplay, and we make a lot of original programming as well!

“What is “Rooster Teeth?”

Rooster Teeth is a media production company. You might know them from popular shows/channels like Red vs. Blue, RWBY, Achievement Hunter, or LAZER TEAM, among the many shows they produce. They’re pretty cool people, too. Check them out at RoosterTeeth.com!

“So, basically you’re a bunch of fanboys. This might be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

F*** you.


You brought it on yourself.

“So, how did you guys get started with this?”

BIGBITE Media has come a long, long way from its roots. On July 6th, 2015, we started as a fan magazine (BIGBITE Magazine), just covering Rooster Teeth content, and throwing some other stuff in there to fill out the magazine. We soon found our mission. We met so many awesome content creators out there in the community, struggling to get their work seen. We made it our mission to help these awesome community members promote their work. With this mission in mind, and in an effort to help more content creators, we’ve expanded to BIGBITE Media, a multimedia, multi-platform company, allowing us to serve audio and video content creators as well. We’re also working with Rooster Teeth directly to bring you RT Poppycock’s Fan Art Friday! We’ve also expanded our mission to help with other community projects, such as RT World (an organization uniting local fan groups from across the globe), and the upcoming Rooster e-Sports League.

“I am a crafty person…you could say I make…stuff…you guys hiring?”

We are always looking for content creators and ideas! You can get in touch with us through the contact page, or hit us up on Twitter @BIGBITEmedia

Meet The Team

The big boss’ *eep*

Joe Dalton – CEO – Twitter @JXDALTON
John Byrne – COO – Twitter @JRBYRNE88
Matt VanDeZande – CCO – Twitter @ALousyCopilot

The people who edit far too well

Joseph Dunlap  – Editor-in-Chief – Twitter @Joseph_Dunlap
Danielle Farah – Layout Editor – Twitter @DELLFARAH

Programming lady who keeps everyone in check (most of the time)

Kat Cirri – Director of Programing – Twitter @CIRRIGNEOS

Manager of our online presence

Michael Hernandez – Social Media Director – Twitter @LOSX77_MICHAEL
Caiti Mulligan – Social Media Director – Twitter @heyitscaiti

Our amazing video editors

Payden Addis – Video Editor – Twitter @ToastmanPayden
Aaron Collins – Video Editor – Twitter @GhostlyNeighbor

The guy who switches things off and back on again

Sean Mullen – I.T. Specialist – Twitter @SMULLEN319

People who love writing

Rhys Morgan – Writer – Twitter @ROXAS_SWORD
Sarah – Writer – Twitter @TRISARATOPS65
Alexandria Barilone – Writer – Twitter @LetzkyBarilone
Dan Cook – Reviews Editor – Twitter @DCCrulez

The people who are far too good at drawing

Les VanPelt – Art Director – Twitter @
Brianna Collins – Artist – Twitter @inkocculi

Our great animator

Christian Simmers – Animator – Twitter @Xuelder

People who love to broadcast things

Jon Spilker – Broadcast Manager – Twitter @theogspiffy

Game development team

Sean Mullen – Director BIGBITE Games – Twitter @SMULLEN319
Demo Reel System – Game Designer – Twitter @24hrcallcentre

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