“Vicious Circle” Chicken-Slayers: The Best Mercs for Taking On Peggy Sue

Edited by Kyla Painter

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

Taking on the infamous mutant alien chicken Peggy Sue in Vicious Circle is no small feat, but if you’re hopping into the closed beta with this goal in mind, or you’re preparing for Vicious Circle’s launch on August 13th, you’re going to want to bring the right mercenary into battle.

Read on below for our rankings of the best Vicious Circle mercenaries for taking on the notorious monster:

4. Zella

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.co

Trying to fight Peggy Sue as Zella is not wise, to say the least. Zella’s shotgun-like psionic burst deals high damage but has an abysmally low effective range. Players need to be right next to the monster, and thus right next to death, in order to dish out meaningful punishment.

While Zella’s ability to turn invisible can save her in a pinch, a fast-acting Peggy Sue can still deal fatal damage before Zella can run away, and so she finds herself here in fourth place.

3. CR45H & Burn

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

This two-in-one character that is the perfect video-game-representation of Michael and Lindsay Jones lands squarely at number three. CR45H’s launcher weapon deals solid damage and its area-of-effect means absolute precision is not required, but it travels over distances slowly and has a slower rate-of-fire.

Unlike Captain Boom’s and Blitz’s escape abilities, CR45H & Burn’s is only useful for just that, meaning that there’s no stay-and-fight for these mercenaries. They cannot battle the chicken in a straight one-on-one, but they’re survivable enough to come back and try again, thus earning them the third spot on our list.

2. Blitz

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

This greaser space-dog mercenary’s pistol is built for one thing and one thing only – dealing damage to Peggy Sue and the Little Dippers. However, its slow rate-of-fire and the need for precise shooting make it unwieldy for the average player.

Blitz’s escape ability – an instant, single-use blink that will feel familiar to those who have played as Tracer in Overwatch – can be used for serious bamboozles and swift escapes. It is currently the only instant ability in Vicious Circle, however, so even the short cool-down can feel unforgiving if the player blinks the wrong way.

Because of Blitz’s high-damage weapon and unpredictable escape ability, he may well be the best-suited hero for taking on Peggy Sue head-to-head, but the risk involved with playing him and the skill required to do so land him in second place.

1. Captain Boom

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

Experienced players may find the high-risk, high-reward Blitz more suited for dealing lethal damage to Peggy Sue, but Captain Boom’s versatility easily lands him in spot number one.

Captain Boom’s auto-rifle is the strongest weapon in the game for long-range encounters against the fowl beast, as players can deal out steady damage over long sight-lines and then duck safely behind cover to avoid detection.

In addition, his invulnerability shield skill allows players enough time for short, close-range scraps and hasty getaways. Couple that with Vicious Circle’s forgiving skill recharge rate and Boom has the unique ability to deal damage and survive in direct combat, making him the best all-around mercenary for taking down Peggy Sue.

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“Vicious Circle” Nug Club: The Best Mercs for Collecting Nuggets

Edited by Kyla Painter

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

Vicious Circle might be the name of the game, but collecting nuggets is also the name of the game.

That makes sense. Lean into it.

And whether you’re jumping into the closed beta or gearing up for the launch on August 13th, you’ll need to pick the right mercenary to collect the coveted 75 nuggets first so you can safely escape the other mercenaries and the vicious mutant chicken Peggy Sue.

Read on below for our ranking of the best nugget-collecting mercenaries in Vicious Circle, Rooster Teeth’s upcoming uncooperative first-person shooter:

4. Blitz

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

Oh, Blitz. Poor Blitz.

This retrofuturist space-dog voiced by Geoff Ramsey almost has no place on this particular list. His semi-auto pistol is designed specifically for fighting Little Dippers and Peggy Sue, and is woefully unsuited for farming nuggets the traditional way.

To effectively gather nuggets with Blitz, players will need to learn where the best items appear on each map and learn how to best make-use of his base movement speed, which is faster than all other mercenaries’.

3. Captain Boom

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

The versatile Captain Boom’s auto-rifle can only pop nuggets one-at-a-time, but it can do so quickly. With well-placed shots, a skilled Captain Boom player can out-pace an average Zella player, but the need for steady mouse-control limits the player compared to practiced Zellas and most CR45H & Burns.

2. Zella

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

Zella, voiced by Barbara Dunkleman, is a stealthy mercenary who can turn invisible and fire shotgun-like psionic bursts from her hands.

A well-placed burst can clear most or all of a nugget grouping, but the need for a second or third burst coupled with the need to be close to the groupings to pop them contrasts with the grab-and-go rhythm that put the next mercenaries in the lead.

1. CR45H & Burn

Image courtesy of RoosterTeeth.com

The dynamic duo of Michael and Lindsay Jones star as the bombastic pair of sentient-robot CR45H and demon-fire-baby Burn.

Armed with a rocket-launcher-like laser gun (the only gun in the game that deals splash damage) CR45H & Burn can pop whole nugget groupings with a single shot. They can then scoop up the nuggets and move on without breaking stride, earning them the number one spot.

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